TCSC Cat Paws

The Silent CatTM adjustable Cat Paws is an accessory that makes filming easier. It provides four-legged support to adjust and hold the camera slider in place. The Cat Paws are made up of two channel brackets that can be mounted on either the Intermediate Accessory Blocks or the End Block of the slider. Each bracket has two 1” clutched leg receivers with retractable locking knobs. Each set comes with four 12” legs and four 24” legs. The spring loaded plunger of Cat Pod or Foot allows for quick removal and installation of the legs. This allows the Silent CatTM to be quickly and easily setup on uneven surfaces, confined spaces, stairs, exteriors and interiors of cars and other spaces a dolly cannot usually go.

TCSC Cat Paws Parts - Camera Slider

TCSC Blue Ribs
Gray Rib
Dark Blue Rib
Dark Blue Rib Side

TCSC Set of 4 Ribs

The Rigging Intermediate Accessory Blocks (RIBS) are able to clamp to any part of the slider and come standard with three 3/8" x 16 Standard Female Threads for rigging.

TCSC 150mm Ball Mount

The Silent Cat™ Sliders include an optional 150mm Ball Mount.
TCSC 100mm Ball Adapter - Camera Slider

TCSC 100mm Ball Adapter

The Silent Cat™ Sliders include an optional 100mm Ball Mount.
TCSC 100mm Ball Adapter Upright


Mitchell Mount

The Mitchell Mount, standard on every Silent CatTM Camera Slider, accommodates the different options in the industry with its two keys (.378 and .394).
Mitchell Mount for Camera Slider - That Cat

ATA Approved Cases

All Silent CatTM Camera Sliders come with custom ATA Approved Cases designed to protect the slider during all transportation. The cases are also designed to store optional accessories such as the 150mm Ball Mount or Cat Paws.

TCSC Hardware

Every slider has four Speed Rail Starters - with both male and female studs. Each has two 2k male/750 Female Studs and four 750 Studs. The hardware comes in standard thread size- 3/8" x 16. Twenty standard threaded holes that are 3/8" x 16, are located on the Silent CatTM End Block for rigging the slider. Additionally, the Intermediate Accessory Block provides rigging points all along the slider.
Hardware in use - That Cat

TCSC Counterweight Tray

An easily installed accessory, The Silent Cat™ Counter Weight Tray fits compactly on the End Block's Carry Handle. It creates a cantilever by becoming a base for counter weight with the Pan Mounting Plate on the end of the slider.

TCSC Installation Fixtures

When the Tolley needs service the Installation Fixtures are used to easily remove and install the End Block.
TCSC Installation Fixtures