Camera Slider Features

Quiet Slider - That Cat


Our custom designed wheel bearing and track system provides the quietest ride for sound recording in any circumstance. We design and manufacture every component of the wheel assemblies and we designed and own the die of the track extrusion. Tom Hollman, Local 52 Sound Mixer “The other sliders say they’re quiet, The Silent Cat™ is!”

Generation IV Trolleys

Generation IV Trolleys feature inspection windows & protection plugs for servicing & maintenance.

Generation IV Trolleys
Generation IV Trolleys

Generation IV End Blocks
Generation IV End Blocks

Generation IV End Blocks

Generation IV End Blocks feature inspection windows & protective caps for servicing & maintenance.


Generation IV Resistance is a new self locking design.

Generation IV Resistance

Soft Stop Dampeners

Our magnetic assisted dampeners produce a soft stop when the trolley approaches either end of the slider.  The soft stop dampeners can be used in conjunction with the start/stop blocks integral to the slider to allow repeatable moves with the trolley.

Over-Under Slung Feature

Featuring a standard Motion Picture Industry Mitchell Mount, the SILENT CAT OVER/UNDER MITCHELL MOUNT TROLLEY is the most advanced and unique mounting system of this genre. It has an exclusive patented design that enables the user to switch from a top mounted camera position to an under slung camera position requiring no tools.

Adjustable Mounting Positions

The Patented Lightweight Perimeter Tubular Structure Design provides excellent structural properties. This design has a unique mounting pattern to allow our proprietary 360 Degree Pan Mechanism to be mounted anywhere on the perimeter structure. The SILENT CAT™ CAMERA SLIDER can be canter levered, center mounted, and mounted virtually any position over the length of the SILENT CAT™. By removing the 360 Degree Pan mechanism, the Silent Cat Slider can sit flat on the floor or any flat surface.

Trolley Brake

The solid brake on the Over Under Mitchell Mount is easily accessible.

Trolley Brake Camera Slider

Pan Brake Tool - That Cat

Pan Brake

The Pan Brake solid tool is able to be locked into any position on the Pan Mechanism without worry of correctly lining up gears or switching to the desired pan position.