The Award-Winning Silent Cat Camera Slider

Made in the USA

What The Grip & Camera Department Says

“…one of the finest pieces of equipment that I have had the pleasure to work with”
John McElwain, Grip, IATSE Local 52

“…this tool is essential to making shots work better, with so much less fuss, so much less worry, and most of all so much endurance, aptitude, and quality. “
Gary Martone, Grip, IATSE Local 52

“The Silent Cat Slider is one of my favorite tools for moving the camera. Quick to set up, super smooth with reliable movement, and nearly completely quiet.

Martin Ahlgren, DP, IATSE Local 600

“The That Cat, “Silent Cat” Slider brought invaluable innovation, reliability and uniformity to an every day tool of the cinema professional. It meets every one of the criteria listed for the SOC Technical Achievement Award.”
Vince Vennitti, DP/Operator, IATSE Local 600


That Cat Camera Support is the designer and manufacturer of the Award Winning Patented Silent Cat Camera Sliders. The founder, Philip Saad, and the manager, Nick Saad, have an extensive background and reputation of providing superior camera support to the motion picture industry. This experience provided the foundation for steering the company to design and manufacture the best camera sliders in the industry in 2006. The Silent Cat Sliders have been sold throughout the USA and the exported to 13 countries. Upon presenting the Society of Camera Operators 2017 Lifetime Technical Achievement Award to That Cat for the Silent Cat Camera Sliders, Eric​ Fletcher​, the Technical Committee Chair said, “We are proud to award THAT CAT for their superb engineering and leadership within the production community,”


Silent Cat™ Slider Features

Quiet By Design

The Patented Silent Cat™ Camera Sliders are manufactured to allow sound recording to occur in any circumstance.

Variable Resistance

The Silent Cat™ Camera Slider is the first and only camera slider with a true resistance mechanism for the trolley.


Exclusive, patented design enables the user to switch from top-mount to under-slung camera position with no tools.

Recent Credits

The Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Technical Achievement Award 2017

A tribute to the creation and evolution of That Cat’s Patented Silent Cat Camera Sliders.

Silent Cat Camera Slider accepts the SOC Lifetime Technical Achievement Award for 2017.