TCSC 2000 Camera Slider

TCSC 2000 Camera Slider Specs

  • Model TCSC - 2000
  • Silent Cat Dimensions 24” x 10”
  • Track Length 22”
  • Travel 12”
  • Silent Cat Weight 26 lbs
  • Case Weight 34 lbs
  • Case Dimensions 28”x 19”x 11”
  • Shipping Weight 69 lbs

*Shipping Weight includes Silent Cat Model, Hardware, Counter Weight Tray and Slider Case

*All camera sliders allow the camera to slide into a position where there is an imbalance of weight.  The mounting positions available on Silent Cat™ 2000 Camera Sliders may increase an imbalance of weight.  The user of the Silent Cat™ 2000 Camera Slider is responsible for safety and judgment as to prevent the camera and what it is mounted to from tipping over.